Priest Couple In-Home Photoshoot

When you spend three years of your relationship living apart from one another, commuting, chatting on the phone, and ‘doing the whole long distance thing’, finding permanent roots where you can be together is precious. Kara and Brandon spent a long time being apart from one another and while their home serves the same purpose as yours or mine, theirs symbolizes something more. Their house is the place where they get to finally live life together and in the same city. 

Brandon told me the story of the house-building process: he selected the builder and made sure their forever home was made with good bones. Then Kara picked the finishing touches: the paint color, the decor and made it look like a perfect home. Together they dreamed and planned for their little slice of heaven, where they now get to live. Is it any wonder that Kara has been wanting an in-home photoshoot to commemorate the house they built together, their two year wedding anniversary, and their family as it is now?! Side note: Please, meet Rosalind, a three-year-old mini Aussie, and Watson, a one-year-old Retriever, who are some of the best dogs around town! Also, they have the coolest names!! Rosalind is sweet and a go-with-the-flow kind of dog, and Watson is still a very energetic puppy and loves… everything. 

Kara and Brandon,

Thank you for inviting me to your home to do this photoshoot with you! After learning your story and hearing about why this house means so much to y’all it was very clear why you’d want to have a photoshoot there!! It’s the perfect setting for you. I really enjoyed your shoot, getting to know your pups, and taking these images. I hope you love the highlight from your photoshoot!

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