DeMauro Couple Photoshoot

He loves to see her smile and watch her laugh, while she adores his dimples. If you’re around Kris and Gigi for more than five minutes, it is so easy to see how much they love, cherish, and adore one another. He treats her like a queen and showers her with affection while she gives him as many hugs as he will take and looks at him like he is her whole world. They are so sweet to not only one another, but also to the other people in their lives. 

Kris was one of Paul’s Captain’s on the Owasso Fire Department and he treated the firefighters/paramedics under him like they were family. I’ll always remember what Kris told me about Paul when I visited the station one day; they were the words of a boss and a leader, but spoken from a friendlier, more fatherly figure place. He respected Paul for the knowledgeable employee and hard-working man that he is and I appreciated Kris so much for finding the time to specifically tell me how proud he is of my husband. Gigi is the perfect match for Kris and makes everyone feel right at home. She loves to chat and laugh with everyone, making friends as she goes along in life, and has a magical touch where they feel right at home when they are around her. 

For this photoshoot, I travelled to Skiatook, Oklahoma where the DeMauro’s live. They have about 8 acres of bliss and beauty with a pasture, a garden, and so many beautiful trees covered in fall color. The options were endless photography spots around their property and home. My favorites are of them walking through the tall grass and then at the end in their casual outfits with their Great Dane, Max. (Who is simply one of the best dogs on the planet!)

In the fire service world, they use last names and so to me, he’s not Kris but Captain DeMauro and his wife is Mrs. Gigi. So…

Captain DeMauro and Mrs. Gigi,

I can’t tell you enough how much the two of you mean to Paul and I. You have been a wonderful support in times of need and great friends to celebrate with during the fun times in life. I really enjoyed photographing the two of you on your property. It’s a special place for such a special couple. I hope you love the highlights from your photoshoot just as much as I do! 

PS. Tell Max I say “hi” and give him a hug for me!!! ;D

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