Favorite 17 of 2017

“These are a few of my favorite things…”
The year 2017 brought so many changes with my photography; I expanded my knowledge and grew as an artist all to serve my clients better than ever before. (But also because I honestly can’t get enough!) This blog is titled “Favorite 17 of 2017” and so I will start by saying they are things that bring me joy, some of my best photoshoots and work from the last year, and improvements I have made in the last year both as an artist and for my brand. I hope you all enjoy as you ring in the new year.

1. My Boys

Casanova, the 10 year old Boston Terrier, and Knuckles, the 5 year old Rottweiler. They bring my world so much joy and there is nothing I’d rather do after a long day than curl up with the both of them and a fuzzy blanket.

2. Newborn Faces

It lightens my day when I get to edit such cute faces like these, they make editing so much more fun!! Hahha. I find myself laughing and flipping back and forth from one image to the next.

3. Working with the Tulsa Oratorio Choir’s for the Veterans Day concert

A concert created to honor those who served and American Military history. At the end of the concert the chorus played a musical collage of the military branch’s songs and had those service personnel stand. The audience and the choir clapped on each turn to say, ‘Thank you for your service!!’

4. Couples Shots

From engagement photoshoots to the popular “We’ve been married for a few years now and would like updated photos of us together.” I love posing couples to show their love for one another and capturing the images that will serve them well for the coming years.

5. My Growth as an Artist

It might seem odd, but as a creatively-minded person growing in my craft is one of the most exciting and invigorating things. Even though growth is listed fifth on this post, it might be the best thing that happened to me in 2017! Below is a picture of my Best Nine from my Instagram in 2016 and then there is a Best Nine from my Instagram in 2017. You can see a huge difference in not only the subject matter but also the overall colors and lighting. I have always admired work that was lighter, brighter, dreamier than what I was taught to create in school. This past year I was introduced to educators who showed me how to create the work I want and now I am so happy my heart sings!

6. Wedding Day Details

There isn’t much I can say besides “drool…” There is a reason why detail shots are built into all my wedding day timelines and I highly suggest all my brides keep that time in their timeline. These shots are fluff shots for some but to me they are the details of the day that brides spent hours planning for, search out and/ or creating themselves. They shouldn’t be overlooked in the lifetime that the wedding images will live on… they should be celebrated!

7. Vintage Shopping

I have always liked vintage shopping and, specifically since I found Fixer Upper, I really love vintage shopping! I do own a mug that says “Johanna Gains is my spirit animal.” I like taking my camera shopping with me because a lot of times these stores are set up as a perfect display, so why not take advantage of that oppertunity?!

8. Family Photoshoots

Family. I could go on and on about how important family is and if you look below, you can easily see it. All I can say is how humbled and honored I am to be a part of my clients lives. To trust me to capture their family as they are: their dynamic as it is and their love in a true and rare form. Each family is incredibly unique because these people are your people. Your people.

9. Behind the Scenes

I want to take a moment and give a ‘shout out’ to the wonderful and thoughtful Bob Green because he was able to capture a couple great shots of me working with the Oak Grove Fire Department. (More on this photoshoot below…) About once or twice a year a client will capture a few shots of me doing just what I do best and it warms my heart when they do! I don’t share these images as often as I should but I love them!!

10. Bridal Parties

Just like the last favorite thing, I MUST say thank you to all my bridal parties. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that I do in a wedding day without helpful and caring bridal parties. When I need a look out so the groom doesn’t see the dress… the best man is there tending to him and keeping him sequestered. When I need someone to find a wandering uncle for family portraits… there is the bride’s childhood friend and bridesmaid to find them. I mean, I really couldn’t do all that I do in such a busy day without each and every one of you!!! Thank you. Also, you look fabulous!!

11. Oak Grove Fire Department

The  firefighters that serve parts of Catoosa from the Oak Grove Fire Department are all volunteer firefighters and do not receive a paycheck for keeping the citizens of their community safe. They leave their families and skip holidays to respond to calls when their community calls on them. This is what leads my heart to donate my time to work with them. Capturing the firefighters in their environment and doing what they do best not only boosts their morale but also helps them show their families what they do/ where they go when the firefighters leave them.

12. Newborns

Newborn photoshoots are long… they are very warm and include a lot of bending over to photograph a tiny body part. However, they are one of the most rewarding photoshoots I do because new parents are the cutest to watch, whether it’s their first baby or their sixth, when I show them the back of the camera the reaction is the same… cooing, awe’s and gasping. How could you not instantly love that part of your job? I do!

13. Client Gifts

The 2017 client gifts were these wonderful metal ornaments from my professional lab. The hope is to bring some of the joy from a session earlier in the year back to my clients for the holiday session. The holiday season is about giving back after all.

14. My Home Decor

After vintage shopping I take what I find home, decorate with it and then photograph it! I am in the slow (and continual) process of decorating my home with the cozy, vintage feel that I want it to have. We have a lot of personal items that put an interesting and unique spin on the decorating that I do, but I like to share with my corner of the world what the inside of my home looks like.

15. The New Mobile App

This year, I added a mobile app to all my packages so that clients can open a selection from their gallery right from their phone! It features the highlights from the session, a lot like the photoshoot blog will, but this gives clients (with a smart phone) easy access for as long as they would like to show off their photoshoot.

16. Ring Shots!

This should probably go with the wedding day details but, let’s face it, these beauties deserve a special spot all their own! They’re the shiny thing that she said “yes” to and the symbol that shows she belongs with someone. Anything with that much power, standing, and influence gets a section all it’s own!

17. Maternity Sessions

I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to describe the excitement that accompanies each maternity session; a soon-to-be mom and dad that just can’t wait to meet their new little one. It’s indescribable but so amazing to watch and experience with them for a short while. They have been loving on their growing baby and many moms and dads are finishing their nurseries, having baby showers and still trying to pick a name. Their lives now begin and end with the little ball of joy they just can’t wait to meet and maternity sessions are one more celebration of this phase in their lives.

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