Otasowie Family Photoshoot

Little Miss Zoe wasn’t too happy about having a crazy lady (me) with a huge camera in her face on a cold Oklahoma morning, but if I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, I wouldn’t have loved it either… I feel you girl! All I can say is the Otasowie family are troopers! It was just above freezing outside, about 35 degrees, when we started their family photoshoot and they were so awesome about it! You can’t tell that it was cold outside by their warm smiles instead they were happy to cuddle up next to one another for almost all of the shots I had them posed together. Toward the very, very end of the shoot we went to the iconic Woodward Park bridge; miss Zoe forgot she was upset and somehow gave me about three shots where she was smiling!! I was elated!! I had one instruction: to get one good family photograph… nailed it! Thank you, Zoe! Mom and dad tried to bring back the smiles with tickling and that helped a little but by then she was a frozen ice cube and wanted her coat on, to be back in the warm car, and settled in for a long nap. (Again, I feel you girl!)

Can I add, the mix and match plaid outfits along with the sun flares that I captured from the morning sun rise… I am crushing on them! I also took plenty of shots without sun flare but the ones with it are my favorite!!! It breaks all the rules and makes the images look very warm and oh-so-cozy. I just cannot help myself.

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