Lucy Turns One

When Christine, Lucy’s mom, first contacted me, she wanted one specific shot and then after that, the rest of the photoshoot was mine. She saw a few examples of what she wanted on Pinterest and sent them to me for inspiration. The idea was too cute not to try, and I think we were able to capture what she wanted perfectly!

Lucy was a little scared of the balloon at first; I thought ‘oh boy, this should be fun!!’ (But honestly the giant pink balloon is about 3 times her size, I might be scared too if it were me.) When it came to photographing her with the balloon above, Lucy didn’t seem to mind it too much! In fact, she almost ignored it, despite our multiple attempts to draw her attention; and ended up just laughing at each failed attempt.

After a long winter, spring has just started to sprout; you can see the grass growing, trees just starting to grow their leaves, and foliage bloom. About two days before her first birthday, Lucy celebrated her big milestone in style and dressed to the nines. I don’t know which part is my favorite: the soft cream tutu, the bows on her shoes, or that “one” onesie, but also that purple bow in her hair… What a dolled up, sweet, little lady! She is one of the cutest, sweetest, happiest, and most adorable little ladies I have met.

The big surprise…

At one point, I laid down on the ground to photograph Lucy at her level and had asked her dad to stay by just in case she started to tumble. Well, eventually, like all one year olds, she started to roll backwards and then she kept going. I was just out of reach but hopped up and sat her upright at which point her dad realized what had happened with a “Oh! Lucy, I am sorry!” Something just off to my left was happening that caught his attention… He saw a man drop to one knee and propose. By the time I sat Lucy up right, the new fiancé was giggling and squealing with joy because she said “yes!” It was a first for me, to have a proposal happen so close to my photoshoot.

 This is the winning shot right here, she's looking up at that big pink balloon!

This is the winning shot right here, she’s looking up at that big pink balloon!

 How do I choose just one of these pictures to share? I couldn't so I'll share all three!! How do I choose just one of these pictures to share? I couldn’t so I’ll share all three!!

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  1. Alice says:

    ADORABLE family! And captured so well! I love these pictures!

    • Amanda Hitchen says:

      Thank you Alice. Those are great compliments that bring smiles to my face!! They were a lovely family to photograph!!! Plus, Lucy in that tulle skirt… 😀

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