Senior Model Group Photoshoot Location

Spring sure has taken its sweet time getting to Oklahoma this year. I have been waiting and waiting for the grass to start growing, flowers to bloom, and the trees to start filling out with leaves. But it hasn’t happened until just recently. In fear of settling, I have been holding off on finalizing and announcing the location for my upcoming senior model group photoshoot because spring was not ‘spring-ing’! However, yesterday I took a trip around Tulsa and Broken Arrow to pick the best location with the spring foliage that we have so far this year. And I was stunned when I got to this location…

I am so excited to announce the location for this year’s senior model group photoshoot!!

The Gilcrease Museum

Look at these spots that will be prime for the photoshoot… (warning: cellphone images!)

Above: This was the sweetest smell from the grounds, I wish I could have bottled this and be delivering it to you now as you look at them!!

Above and below: These flowers and fixing to bloom!!!

Interested to see how the senior model team group photoshoot went? Click here to see the blog!!!
We had so, so much fun, we worked very, very hard, and giggled a lot! The photographs are more than I could have dreamed of and my model team did a fabulous job!

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