Vintage Shopping

One of my absolute favorite time-wasters is walking the aisles at a good vintage mall or antique shop. I may not purchase anything but I sure LOVE looking! Every once in a while, when I decide to take a few hours of ‘me time’ and go visit a store, I have to weigh my choice between the solid stores I know and always find great things at, or an entirely new adventure. I guess it’s a little bit like answering the question “Where do you want to go eat?” on date night.

I try to hit all the Outdoor Markets, Pop-Up Shops, and traveling Markets that only come one or a few times a year. They generally bring the cream of the crop to one location. Then throughout the year I will visit a few of my local favorites.

The Cranberry Merchant in Claremore, Oklahoma

River City Trading Post in Jenks, Oklahoma

Jade’s Antique & Vintage Boutiques in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Below: From the Flying Pig Vintage Market in Owasso, during their Outdoor Market:

Below: From the Vintage Market Days, that was in Kellyville, Oklahoma for 2017. (This vintage empire started from simple beginnings right here, in Tulsa, Oklahoma!)

The signs in the below slide show are from Three Mango Seeds, an online Etsy company from Owasso, Oklahoma.

My favorite find from the Vintage Market Days were some candlesticks made from old wood railings. I mean… just look at these things!!!

So I took some home for myself!! My mom asked me “Where do you think you’ll put those sweetie?” My response was a very typical and inquisitive “I don’t know yet.” To which my shopping-partner-in-crime answered “She never knows…”. We all laughed because it’s very true! I see it, I like it, and then I buy it. (Within reason and budget of course!) Sometimes I think I know what I want to do with my special finds right as I see them and other times I just know I can’t let them go… I’ll figure out where they go after I take them home!

This year, they are making an appearance in my entryway!

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