Newborn Mason

Even though newborn Mason is only 11 days old, his sweet momma, Brookelynn, knows exactly what he does and does not like. She understands his quirks and is starting to structure her life around her new baby boy. I listened to her talk about his little personality and couldn’t help but think that motherhood seems to come so naturally to her and what a great mother she will be… what a great mother she already is!

Newborn Mason was born almost two weeks before his due date and at just over 6 pounds on his photoshoot day, he was so tiny! He was a great baby and so easy to work with; what a dream he was! Also, he’s so very cute to look at!! For one shot I had Mason in the middle of my posie pillow with a few stuffed animals, that are treasured gifts laid out around him. He was sleeping so well in his cozy wrap but the animals weren’t laying quite how I wanted them. Brookelynn could see that I was moving, removing, and positioning them around Mason and she laughed “when the newborn is easy and stays still but the stuffed animals give you trouble.” I burst into laughter. It was so true!

Brookelynn and Raven (and baby Mason),

It was a pleasure to meet you both and photograph your precious newborn son! You make being a parent with a newborn look so effortless even though I can’t imagine the intense responsibility you feel. You both carry it so well. Thank you so much for the honor of photographing your firstborn; he is going to grow up in a loving and wonderful home, and become an amazing person himself someday. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from Mason’s newborn photoshoot.

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