John & Angeleen’s Wedding

February 28, 2015 … John and Angeleen’s Wedding

Most weddings are happy days; filled with love, joy, and excitement for the bride and groom starting their lives together. John and Angeleen’s wedding was no exception, they both radiated wonderful bliss through the whole day! I assume it was easy for them to be so excited and happy on their wedding day, not only are they a wonderful pair and fit for one another but their families are so loving and supportive of them. John and Angeleen were friends first and judging by the jokes from the maid of honor and the best man during their toasts, everyone knew they needed to become a couple before they did! From friendship comes respect and through their bond blossomed a beautiful and radiant love. They share a love not only for one another but also for God, vowing to each other to serve Him and have their children know His love too. I have no doubt these are promises that will be kept over the course of their life.

Wedding Venue: Philbrook Museum of Art
Wedding Coordinator: Frosted Fields Events
Wedding DJ: Callen with DJ Connection

One of the more endearing decoration pieces at John and Angeleen’s reception were the photographs of their family members on their own wedding day. Each table had a unique frame that housed a loving couple in either family, John and Angeleen wanted to honor those who were married before them in a very special way. Each photograph had a card near by it stating who the couple was and how long they had been married. This wonderful display shows their detection to family, love, and to each other in their marriage.

Bustling Angeleen’s wedding dress required her mother, John’s mother, and the wedding coordinator a few minutes to figure out. The things that impressed me, John and Angeleen didn’t even seem to notice. They were so happy to finally be husband and wife, they couldn’t let go of each other. They were happy doing anything as long as they had each other to hold onto.

The father-daughter dance, Angeleen danced with both her father and step-father. Followed by the mother-son dance.

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